Do You Have Dental Fear?

dental fear Dental fear and anxiety are one of the leading causes of poor oral hygiene. Patients with dental fear are more likely to avoid their preventive dental care visit or visiting the dentist altogether. The longer patients go without visiting the dentist, the more likely complex dental issues will develop.

At Emerald Isle Smiles in Emerald Isle, NC, Dr. Aubrey Myers, and our dental care team understand that visiting the dentist can be difficult for some patients. We work with you to deliver the care you need to improve your oral health. We listen to your concern and develop a treatment plan and experience that fits your unique needs. Our dental care team works diligently to provide a safe and comfortable dentist office environment.

Dealing With Dental Fear

At Emerald Isle Smile Dental Studio we offer compassionate, patient-centered dental care. We focus on preventive dental care and patient education to give our patients the knowledge and tools they need to get one step closer to excellent oral health. During every visit, Dr. Aubrey performs a full comprehensive exam to check the smile for any signs of dysfunction. Dr. Aubrey will explain all aspects of the comprehensive exam to keep our patients informed and comfortable. If further treatment is needed, Dr. Myers will work with you to determine the best course of treatment to address any of your dental concerns.

Dr. Aubrey Myers is a Dawson Academy trained dentist committed to improving patient smiles through complete dental care. Dr. Myers has adopted the philosophy or Complete Dentistry, which emphasizes the importance of the entire occlusal system. Dr. Myers takes her time to ensure your teeth, gums, muscles, and jints are working in harmony. The goal is to create a healthy, stable, foundation to promote a healthier smile.

Visit Our Dental Office in Emerald Isle, NC

We gladly welcome patients from Cedar Point, Cape Carteret, Bogue, Emerald Island and surrounding communities.  Emerald Isle Smiles Dental Studio is conveniently located in Emerald Isle, NC. We encourage patients of all ages to visit our dental practice to receive quality, patient-centered dental care. To learn more about our dental services, visit our Emerald Isle dental practice. To schedule an appointment, contact our Emerald Island, NC dentist office or request an appointment online.