Solutions for Dental Anxiety

treating dental anxiety nc

Does the thought of a dental visit fill you with fear? You’re far from alone. As much as 20% of Americans avoid the dentist because of anxiety. Unfortunately, skipping your regular checkups and cleanings can let more serious problems develop. Treating big problems can be frightening, and the thought of that treatment might cause even more anxiety. If all this sounds familiar, don’t worry! Emerald Isle Smiles Dental Studio is ready to make you feel at home.

A Comfortable Atmosphere

A lot of dental anxiety comes from fear of the unknown. The office is unfamiliar, and the treatments can seem mysterious. Dr. Aubrey Myers and everyone at Emerald Isle Smiles are dedicated to making you as comfortable as possible. New patients can look forward to a friendly greeting and a tour of our comfortable office during their first visit.

Once the office environment feels comfortable to you, Dr. Myers will be happy to explain every step of your treatment. If your anxiety comes from a bad past experience, Dr. Myers will discuss it with you to identify the source of your anxiety. Our goal is for you to feel relaxed and as comfortable as possible throughout your treatment.

The Complete Dentistry Difference

Dr. Myers graduated from the Dawson Academy, which teaches the philosophy of Complete Dentistry. Complete dentistry emphasizes the importance of the whole dental system, from the joints to the teeth, in maintaining good oral health. A beautiful smile is impossible without a healthy foundation. The goal of this philosophy is to keep your mouth as healthy as possible, so there’s no need to fear serious dental complaints.

Schedule Your Appointment

If you live in Cedar Point, Cape Carteret, Bogue, Emerald Island, or the surrounding area, we welcome new patients. Don’t skip your regular dental maintenance any longer. Schedule an appointment with Dr. Aubrey Myers today at (252) 370-9611. You can also schedule an appointment online.