The Effects of Missing Teeth

So you’ve lost a tooth. Maybe you feel self-conscious about how it looks, but you may also wonder if you really need to replace it. If it’s not right at the front, what’s the harm? In fact, losing even one tooth can have a surprising impact on your physical health as well as mental well-being. At Emerald Isle Dentist in Emerald Isle, NC, Dr. Aubrey Myers offers a variety of replacement options to suit every patient.

health effects of missing teeth emerald isle nc

Health Effects of Missing Teeth

Many people may be surprised by the effect even one missing tooth can have on your oral health. A healthy bite is a vital part of maintaining your overall health and losing just one tooth can compromise that bite. Without the roots of the teeth to stimulate the jaw bone, bone loss can occur. Your teeth can also shift and loosen, and even more teeth can fall out. Tooth loss also puts you at increased risk for developing further oral health problems such as tooth decay and gum disease.

Tooth Loss and Quality of Life

Besides the pure physical effects of tooth loss, a missing tooth can also impact your quality of life. For many people it can be a source of self-consciousness, damaging their self-esteem. Even more importantly, missing teeth can make it harder to speak or even to eat your favorite foods. Crunchy foods that require a lot of chewing, such as many vegetables, can be even more difficult. A forced change in diet could have a major negative effect on your health overall.

Treatment Options

Dr. Myers offers multiple treatment options to patients that help replace missing teeth:

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If you have recently lost a tooth, or even if you lost a tooth a long time ago, it is important to replace it as soon as possible. To discuss your options for tooth replacement, schedule a consultation with Dr. Aubrey Myers at Emerald Isle Dentistry. To schedule your appointment, contact our office online or call our office today at (252) 370-9611.