What’s the Benefit to Dental Implants?

When you lose a tooth, dentists are essentially unanimous in the idea that you should replace it as quickly as possible. Patients choosing a replacement option are often disenchanted by the idea of dental implants because of the expense. Although money is always a consideration, there are plenty of reasons why you should give dental implants another look.

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What Are My Options?

There are a variety of treatments available to replace your missing tooth or teeth, including:

Dr. Aubrey Myers offers all of these options at Emerald Isle Smiles, and if you lose a tooth we will be happy to discuss them all with you. For many patients, Dr. Myers recommends dental implants. But why?

The Downsides to Dentures and Dental Bridges

Dentures and dental bridges are tried-and-true restorative techniques that have been used by dentists for many years. They can improve the appearance and some function, but things like the foods you can eat may be limited, and these appliances may require special care. Dentures are secured in place with a dental adhesive, which is often tricky to get right. Additionally, many adhesives contain zinc. Zinc is a natural mineral present in many foods, but too much can cause health problems, including nerve damage to the extremities. Dental bridges are more secure, often supported by crowns on either side of the loss, but the crowns require damaging otherwise healthy teeth.

The biggest problem with both options is bone loss. Bone loss is a big issue with missing teeth. Without the roots to keep the jawbone stimulated, that bone can erode quite quickly. Losing bone allows other teeth to loosen and even fall out.

Dental Implants Are the Answer

Dental implants are made from dental-quality porcelain or resin that functions just like a natural tooth. This means that you can eat all your favorite foods and care for your implant just the same as all your other teeth. Implants are stable and will not move or fall out. Best of all, the metal implant stimulates the bone of the jaw. This prevents bone loss and even promotes regeneration. Dental implants are the best option for a natural look and feel.

Schedule a Consultation

Do you have questions or concerns about dental implants for missing teeth? When considering the cost, it is important to remember that dental implants are an investment: while a dental bridge might last ten years, you can expect your implants to last thirty years or more with proper care. To schedule a consultation to discuss your concerns, contact Emerald Isle Smiles in Emerald Isle, NC on our website or at (252) 370-9611.