Root Canal Q&A

Dr. Aubrey Myers has experience with treating tooth decay at the source. She provides root canal treatment in her Emerald Isle, NC office that cleans teeth and seals out decay. Learn more about the root canal process below:

Root Canal FAQs

Are root canals painful?

Root canals are not as painful as dental fillings and anesthetic is used during the root canal procedure to help numb the area. While you may feel mild discomfort following the procedure, excessive pain is not normal. Root canals are also meant to treat the pain caused by a tooth infection, not cause more pain.

How long is the root canal procedure?

Split between two office visits, root canals take around 3 hours in total, depending on how many teeth are being worked on.

Are root canals dangerous?

Root canals in and of themselves are not dangerous. Abscessed and badly decayed teeth can harm patients if they are not treated.

Schedule a Root Canal Procedure

If you need a root canal, call Dr. Myers and her team at (252) 370-9611. You can also schedule an appointment online.