Tooth Extraction Emerald Isle, NC

Tooth Extractions An Overview

A practitioner of complete dentistry, Dr. Myers will always attempt to preserve as much of a damaged tooth as possible. Tooth extractions are used when necessary to protect or restore the natural smile.

Tooth extractions are commonly recommended for patients with advanced tooth decay, severe damage, or overcrowding. A routine dental procedure, tooth extractions can be completed from the comfort of our Emerald Isle, NC dentist office.

Dr. Myers offers a range of tooth replacement options to restore the function and aesthetics of your smile after tooth loss or extraction. Prompt tooth replacement with the most suitable option is important and helps patients avoid the onset of additional dental concerns associated with a missing tooth.

Wisdom Teeth Removal

Wisdom teeth are typically removed during the late teens or early 20’s when wisdom teeth begin to emerge. For many patients, wisdom teeth pose a threat to the alignment of the teeth. The emergence of wisdom teeth can cause overcrowding and may cause teeth to shift. Wisdom teeth are also removed when they are impacted.

Tooth Extractions What to Expect

Tooth extractions are typically a painless procedure. Using a local anesthetic, Dr. Myers will ensure your optimal comfort during treatment. Teeth will be removed and the gums will be sutured as needed to reduce the risk of infection.

Our dental care team will brief all patients on appropriate aftercare procedures to minimize swelling and discomfort. Most patients will recover with in a few days without complication. If you experience excessive bleeding or pain, be sure to contact our Emerald Isle, NC dentist office right away.

Dr. Aubrey Myers

Why choose Aubrey Myers, DDS?

It’s more than “just the teeth” with Dr. Myers

Dr. Myers is an alumnus of the Dawson Academy and a member of the AACD. For over 19 years, Dr. Aubrey Myers has provided her patients with exceptional preventive, general, cosmetic and reconstructive dental care. Dr. Myers is a retired US Navy dentist who has recently moved back to the Emerald Isle community. She looks forward to providing the community with her unique approach to complete dentistry.

What sets Dr. Myers apart from other dentists in the area is her advanced training and ongoing commitment to providing complete dental care. Our Crystal Coast dental care team is focused on offering individualized, conservative dental care to achieve stable, functional and beautiful smiles with specific attention and consideration to the patient’s unique needs, desires, and goals.

We welcome new and returning patients from Cedar Point, Cape Carteret, Bogue, Emerald Isle and surrounding communities. Contact our Emerald Isle, NC dentist office or click here to request an appointment online.