Dental anxiety is one of the key factors affecting the rate of poor oral health among adults today. Patients with dental anxiety and fear of the dentist often skip their bi-annual dental check-ups. Fear of the dentist can also make it difficult to return to the dentist due to embarrassment over the effects of poor oral health. At Emerald Isle Smiles we understand that visiting the dentist can be a stressful experience and we are committed to helping those who suffer from dental anxiety to achieve and maintain a healthy smile- without judgment. Our dental care team works to provide a compassionate and welcoming dentist office environment tailored to your unique needs unlike any other.

Overcoming Dental Anxiety

Dr. Aubrey Myers and our entire dental care team dedicate themselves to providing an anxiety free dental office experience starting with a friendly greeting and office tour for new patients. We promote the value of patient education and preventative dental care for the long term maintenance of a natural, healthy smile. For many patients who feel anxious when visiting the dentist, a full explanation and demonstration of their dental procedure can boost confidence and calm fears. Dr. Myers takes the time to discuss your concerns and any previous bad dental experiences you may have had in an effort to identify and address the cause of your anxiety. It is our hope that through informative, compassionate care we can enable you to visit with us feeling relaxed and supported as you acheive the smile you desire.

Experience the Difference: Complete Dentistry in Emerald Isle

Dr. Myers is a graduate of the Dawson Academy program for advanced dental education. Dr. Myers practices Complete Dentistry, a dental philosophy taught by the prestigious Dawson Academy. This dental practice philosophy emphasizes the importance of the whole occlusal system, from teeth to jaw joints. Dr. Myers sees each patient as an individual with multifaceted needs and centers our dental care around the health and function of the teeth, bite and gums. The objective of Complete Dentistry is to provide a stable, healthy oral foundation. While the aesthetics of a smile are essential for self-confidence and well being, a healthy oral foundation is required to support long term health. We analyze the function and form of the bite, tooth alignment, and gum health to provide treatment that will provide the patient with optimal, long term oral health.

Our team works to provide personalized dentistry that is tailored to meet your oral health needs, cosmetic goals and restore the health of a compromised or uncomfortable smile.

Areas We Serve

We welcome new patients from Cedar Point, Cape Carteret, Bogue, Emerald Island and surrounding communities. Whether you are new to the area, just visiting Emerald Island, or have been away from the dentist for some time, our compassionate and highly trained team can help you restore your beautiful, healthy smile. Contact our Emerald Island, NC dentist office or request an appointment online.