The Amazing and Caring Team At Emerald Isle Smiles

group picture of dentistry team
rina pollock


Rina is from Florida where she was born and raised. 

Following her husband’s military retirement in March of 2018, she and her husband (Brad) along with their children moved to the area.

Prior to moving to North Carolina, Rina worked for the United States Postal Service as a rural carrier and supervisor for 11 1/2 years. 

Rina joined our office as a receptionist in March of 2019. She continues to grow with her knowledge in the dental field and does a great job helping to assist in the care of our patients. 

In her spare time, she enjoys spending time with her family and enjoying life.

sheila vatcher


Sheila Vatcher is one of our extremely gifted Registered Dental Hygienists and has practiced dental hygiene for 30 years. She was born and raised in Jacksonville, NC and is a graduate of Coastal Carolina Community College’s Dental Hygiene Program.

Sheila’s favorite part of her dental career is getting to know people from all different walks of life. This shines through as Sheila’s personality is one that is quite adorable and infectious. Patients and the people she meets always experience a caring and genuineness about her that is refreshing.

Outside of dentistry, Sheila enjoys cycling, boating and fishing on the Crystal Coast as well as spending time with her family…especially her two children, Hayley and Matt.

jessica schneider


Jessica Schneider, yet another inspiring, talented individual and Registered Dental Hygienist, hails from Connecticut where she attended the University of Rhode Island and graduated with a B.S. in Dental Hygiene in 1994. Jessica joined the Army Reserves in 1989 as well as entered the ROTC program in college. Upon graduation, she received an officer commission. She then went on to serve 15 years in the Army Reserves. In that time she married her husband, a now retired 20 year veteran of the Marine Corps, and settled in the “Friendly City by the Sea” of Swansboro in 2006.

Jessica and her husband are proud parents of Annelise and Ronan. Jessica has a passion for running and you can find her racing not just exclusively in North Carolina, but also elsewhere in the U.S. a couple times a month. She belongs to an organization called Ainsley’s Angels which has allowed Jessica to race “for a cause” with her daughter, who is special needs. With her daughter’s specialized chair, Jessica is able to trek them through all sorts of race courses. Even her son, Ronan, has joined in as he has seemed to have obtained the “running bug”. When off the race course and away from work, Jessica and her lovely family enjoy collecting shark teeth at the beach.

It is with great pleasure that Jessica has the opportunity to serve the community of Emerald Isle and the Crystal Coast helping people achieve a healthy long-lasting smile.

deborah nolan


Deborah had the pleasure of moving with her husband and two young boys from Long Island, New York to the beautiful Crystal Coast 31 years ago. Once she experienced life here for a few months, Deborah immediately called North Carolina “home”.

Deborah brings over 23 years of remarkable dental assisting experience. You can absolutely tell she loves caring for our patients. This is clearly demonstrated upon meeting her with her beaming smile she presents with on a daily basis. Deborah has the gift of bringing such calmness and comfort to everyone she encounters. Deborah is extremely artistic and creative not only when it comes to dentistry, but also when working with fused glass. In fact, you may also find her in a local art gallery she belongs to in Morehead City where she displays her art pieces.

She also enjoys spending time with her husband and grandchildren whether it be working in the yard or spending a day on the boat.

vicki brennan


Vicki Brennan is a lifelong resident of “Downeast” Carteret County.  She grew up on Harkers Island, NC where fishing, boating and tourism are part of the fabric of the community.  She began her career in dentistry in 1985 as an orthodontics assistant and continued for 17 years until she transition to general dentistry.  She has been a dental assistant in that capacity up to the present, all the while learning the advancements and new technology that have occurred.  Vicki is energetic and personable, always trying to make patients feel at ease and comfortable by encouraging a laugh or smile.

She spends her spare time with her husband Ken and two children, Jonnell and Kenny, boating and relaxing on the beach, or camping in the mountains.  During quiet times, Vicki loves to crochet scarfs, hats and baby blankets, which she happily gives as gifts to one and all. Her strong sense of faith and community keeps her active as a volunteer in support of various causes throughout the year.